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Rae & Ryan’s Gourmet Foods is pleased to announce the launch of our R&D program, known as the “Flavor Squad™”! It is equal parts a rewards membership and a consumer feedback panel. If our valued customers, such as yourself, don’t like our products or feel like they can find something better elsewhere, then we can’t stay in business. Our job is to deliver the highest quality and freshest herb and spice blends direct to you, but we can’t do that without your help! There are lots of recipes we have that are family favorites or soon to be favorites, but what our family likes isn’t necessarily the golden rule to what will appeal to the most people. We need feedback on our new ideas so we can hone in on the perfect ratio to our blends to make each one a winner!
We are looking to add people to our Flavor Squad™ to gain valuable feedback about new products nearing release. If you’re interested in receiving samples of new product for only the low low price of Free, plus Free shipping, then sign up for our mailing list! If you drop us a line in the contact form on the left here and tell us a little something about yourself then you’ll move to the top of the list. If you let us know when your birthday is then we will send you a coupon on your special day! We value your time and would never ask anything of you without offering a little sumthin’ sumthin’  for your effort, so we are prepared to reward the customers that give us feedback on new products that we send out for evaluation.
There is no charge for any item itself, all we ask is that you fill out a very short 10 question online survey to tell us your honest opinion. Everyone who completes the survey is guaranteed to receive a coupon code towards their next purchase! Don’t worry about hurting our feelings and don’t hold any punches; we need the unapologetic version of your opinion on what we sent you.

Like it, love it, or leave it? We need to know!

Products for Testing

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Current Product: Gun Powder™! 
Deadline to join f0r this product demo is: 3/15/2019


Our Gun Powder™ is made from a blend of nine different peppers and perfectly balanced with the classic aromatic flavors of Onion, Garlic, Oregano, and Cumin. There is no salt in this blend so you can spice it up as much as you’d like without over salting your food. We have taken our core Chili Powder product and kicked up the heat with Puya, Red Savina Habañero, and Meco Chipotle chilés. This spicy chilé blend is sure to satisfy your craving for that extra smoke and heat in your food. Try this blend as a dry rub on meat as a blackening seasoning, an addition to guacamole/salsa, or anything creative you can think of where a 1-2 punch of heat and flavor is what you’re getting into the ring for.

The Red Savinas are the hottest cultivar of the Habañeros and were the Guinness World Record holder for hottest pepper at 577,000 Scoville units from 1994 until 2006 before it was dethroned by the Ghost Chilé which is nearly twice as hot! Puyas are a tasty and semi fruity cousin of the Guajillo chilé which bring both spice and flavor to the table with about twice the heat.

Last, but certainly not least, the Meco Chipotle is the best Chipotle you’ve likely never had. Traditional Chipotles, known as Moritas, are Jalapeños which are picked green and then smoked. These are often found in chilé adobo sauces or anywhere a bright and punchy pepper flavor is desired. Meco Chipotles are extra ripe at harvest, allowed to fully mature on the vine before being picked and smoke dried. Meco Chipotles are often smoked for longer and have a pronouncedly smokier aroma and taste. They tend to be spicier than their early picked cousins and bring a depth of flavor from their vine ripened nature that most people have never even tried!